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The TGB Foundation Hosts First Ever TGB Day

The first annual TGB Day was a huge success…and it’s all thanks to you! We walked scenic pathways in our hometowns… Geneva, Dallas, Atlanta, Charlotte, and Detroit in honor of Todd Black, whom The Together Giving Back Foundation was created in memoriam.

Over 150 participants contributed to our TGB campaign, helping us raise about $6,000 that will support our youth STEM program and robotics camps for kids in rural under-served towns. Insufficient Internet connectivity and lack of access to technology devices have left many rurally-located households even further behind in the socioeconomic divide. This divide is especially felt by our youth in these communities. Through our STEM coding camps, we’re giving kids a glimpse into how I.T. can be a pathway to self-sufficiency. With an unemployment rate of less than 1% in I.T, a career in technology is a secure choice for children hoping for economic stability and career opportunity.

Thank you to those who participated in the first annual TGB Day. Supporting our cause is to support Todd’s legacy. The TGB Foundation was built on his love for giving back, specifically to kids. We hope to keep his legacy alive through every effort, big or small.

We can’t wait to see you again next year!

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