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Helping kids live the best life possible!
We’re making a difference in so many ways…

Defending Children Against Sex Trafficking

As we help fund the technology developed by our nonprofit partner organization, we’re fighting to stop the spread of child sexual abuse material, report it and aid the capture of the perpetrators. We’re committed to supporting the tech that defends and rescues these kids so they can live the best life possible.

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Sex Trafficking Defense Tech
TGB Foundation kids coding camps together giving back foundation youth technology enablement programs

Youth Technology Enablement Programs

Through our STEM coding camps, we’re giving kids a glimpse into how I.T. can be a pathway to self-sufficiency. Technology is the future and we’re thrilled to enable the youth in rural America to develop skills that ensure their future is bright.

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TGBash Bags

Our TGBash Bag program gives children in hospitals a little relief
from the stress of treatment through the gift of an entertainment bag. We believe in the power of a positive mental state to promote health and healing.

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