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TGB Funds Dozens of Robots for Kids STEM Coding Camps in Rural Towns

This St. Patrick’s Day, we powered the future by raising money for our STEM and Robotics camps in rural towns across America. We raised over $6,000 for lucky kids participating in coding camps! Donations to this campaign will be put towards dozens of challenging robot kits that teach problem-solving, coding and programming. Kids and young adults in rural communities who attend our Alabama camp each month will enjoy the first installment of kits.

Many children in rural areas are confined to curriculums lacking STEM education and resources. The TGB Foundation is on a mission to change that by providing programs that enrich the lives of youth in rural America to encourage self-sufficiency and inclusivity. These kids learn valuable skills that encourage a future in STEM…ensuring their future is bright.

STEM jobs will pervade every part of the global ecosystem, so empowering a child’s mind to excel in these skills bolsters a more promising future. Through our STEM-based programs, we’re giving kids a glimpse into how I.T. can be a pathway to independence.

Join us for next year’s Shamrock Campaign in March 2024!

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