Optomi Chicago employees give back to Cal's Angels through The TGB Foundation

We’re passionate about giving back to our communities! We had the great pleasure of working with Cal’s Angels, a Pediatric Cancer Foundation that grants wishes to children fighting cancer, provides financial assets to their families, and raises awareness and funding for Pediatric Cancer research.

For our Q2 Opt2give event, our team had a fantastic time helping put together Father’s Day kits for the pediatric cancer patients they support. The kits included a grilling apron and fabric markers for the kids to create a custom-made apron for their Dads. We were also able to hand-pick toys that were donated to these children.

One of The TGB Foundation’s efforts is gifting creative hospital gowns to little patients undergoing treatments. Our gifts make an impact in the lives of families going through difficult times.

We had a great time helping support such an amazing foundation and our team is looking forward to partnering with them again in September for Pediatric Cancer Awareness month!  #TogetherGivingBack.

For more information on Cal’s Angels, visit: