TGBash in a Bag



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Our TGBash Bag program gives children in hospitals a little relief from the stress of their treatment gifting them a bag full of entertainment. With these items, we’re able to inject some fun into the monotony of the little patient’s day. Our gift is like a party in a bag… complete with activity books, puzzles, fidget spinners, coloring books, stress balls and more.  All items are a result of requests by those closest to children in health systems. In partnering with Children’s Health Medical Center in Dallas, Atrium Health Levine Children’s Hospital of Charlotte and Advocate Children’s Hospital of Chicago, The TGB Foundation is able to reach children nationwide with this relief effort.

Evidence that a positive mental state contributes to the ability to overcome hardship is stronger than ever. An optimistic mental state is linked to an increase in natural serotonin levels, which William Lamson, PhD an assistant professor of psychiatry at Weill Cornell Medicine points out stabilizes mood and contributes to overall well-being.

Armed with this information and a commitment to honor Todd’s enthusiasm for fun, laughter and light-hearted moments, especially where vulnerable children are involved, the idea of the TGBash Bag was born.

Not only do our gifts bring relief for the little patient, but for their families also. Having activities to pass the long days and having a way to spend meaningful time together is good for the soul. Simple games have been proven to enable children to ward off anxiety, improve mood and promote relaxation. (Russoniello, et. al.) That’s what we’re going for… improved mood that allows for the family to cope with their situation and perhaps even assist in the healing.

With a little laughter and love, we hope to be able to contribute to their healing, recovery and release so they can live their best possible lives. Thank you for helping us advance this mission.

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