Feeding Kids in Need



Individuals and corporations of every size can make an impact.


Many children right here in the U.S. don’t know if there will be food in the fridge when they get home from school. We sponsor meals for under-resourced children through our Opt2give program to ensure hungry little bellies are filled. This ranges from supplying goodie bags for children in homeless shelters to community school backpack meal programs.

Opt2give was created by Optomi, LLC cofounders to be a 1-for-1 charity effort. With each Optomi consultant hired, The TGB Foundation provides a food-insecure child a weekend bag of meals. We’ve been able to feed thousands of children all across the country with Opt2give.

With our national reach as an organization, we’re filling hungry little bellies in metro areas like Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, D.C., Charlotte and Detroit as well as rural ones in Alabama, Texas and South Carolina. The bond between The TGB Foundation and Optomi Professional Services is a lasting one that is creating a positive impact for generations to come.

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