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Combatting Child Sex Trafficking



Defend Children


The internet has made it easier for children to be bought and sold online. There are more than 150,000 escort ads posted every day in this country. Children make up 27% of all human trafficking victims worldwide.

So we’re joining the fight to defend children from sex trafficking. As we help fund the technology developed by our nonprofit partner organization, we’re fighting to help identify abused kids, stop the spread of child sexual abuse material, report it and aid in the capture of the perpetrators.

The technology The TGB Foundation is supporting is an industry leading tool available to any law enforcement agent working on human trafficking cases. It allows law enforcement to prioritize leads by using machine learning algorithms and link analysis to surface connections and relationships between disparate data sources. Reports from its users show that, with the help of this tech, law enforcement is identifying 9 kids per day on average. This platform is helping law enforcement find more kids, faster and stop future abuse.

Human trafficking is the world’s 3rd largest international crime industry (behind illegal drugs & arms trafficking). It reportedly generates a profit of $32 BILLION EVERY YEAR. Trafficking does not require movement across borders. In fact, in some cases, a child could be trafficked and exploited from their own home. In the U.S., sex trafficking most frequently occurs at hotels, motels, truck stops and online.

The TGB Foundation is dedicated to ensuring every child is able to live their best life possible. Funds raised from our Golf & Pickleball Tournaments are earmarked to support the tech that defends and rescues these kids. The TGB Foundation is honored to provide programs that protect and enrich the lives of children in America… ensuring their future is bright.

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